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My name is Kornelija and my path in translation began in 2015 when I started my studies English philology and translation. I soon realized that this area was right for me, so I tried to get as much out of these studies as possible.

It is often assumed that anyone who speaks English can translate. However, a translator needs not only to know the language and to understand how it works, but also to know certain cultural nuances, so I never stop learning and try to deepen my knowledge in various fields so that I can provide you with professional services.

In today’s global market, finding a trustworthy professional English to Lithuanian translator or Lithuanian editor/proofreader can be a challenge. Especially when deadlines are tight, but accuracy and quality are crucial.

You need a translator to help reflect the values of your project or brand and contribute to the success of your project business.

I uphold the highest professional standards, and I am committed to providing first-class language services at all times.

Continuing Professional Development

When working as a translator, no two days are the same,
and most of my projects require specialized knowledge and intercultural competence.

In order to deliver the most relevant and up-to-date results to my clients, I stay on top of the latest trends and developments in my areas of expertise, translation technology, software, marketing, and others. On this page, I mention some of my CPD achievements.


Self-branding for Freelancers by Irina Sergeeva (2021)
➤ How to have a successful first year as a freelance translator by Corinne McKay (2021)
➤ Online marketing series for freelance translators by Tess Whitty (2021)
➤ How to be a Successful Freelance Translator by Robert Gebhardt (2021)
➤  An Introduction to SDL’s Terminology Solutions (2021)
➤ Deciding how much to charge by Corrine McKay (2021)
➤ Resumes for freelance translators by Robert Gebhardt (2021)
➤ Expand your service offerings with SEO translation by Maria Scheibengraf (2021)
➤ The 5 Day LinkedIn Challenge for Language Professionals by Virginia Katsimpiri (2021)


➤ How to Market Yourself Online to Attract Translation and Interpretation Clients by Tess Whitty
➤ First Steps to Finding Direct Clients by Tess Whitty
➤ How to Find and Apply to Translation Agencies by Tess Whitty


Translation Technologies – Understand, Embrace, Adpot by European Commission and Vilnius University (2021)
➤ The Changing Translator Profile through the Dialogue of Industry and Academia by European Commision DG Translation and Kaunas University of Technology (2021)


Dorota Pawlak course How to set up your website translation projects (2021)
➤ Robert Gebhardt course How to Set-up and Use LinkedIn: Masterclass (for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs) (2021)
➤ Google Digital Garage course The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (2021)
What do people do? course How to Start Working on Your Big Ideas (2021)
Ką darai daryk gerai course How to create engaging content on Instagram (2021)
Arizona State University course Teach English Now!  (2020)
Institute for the Future course Introduction to Futures Thinking (2020)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill course Positive Psychology (2020)
Rice University course Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel (2020)

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